Online Jobs In Nepal

Earn money from online jobs in Nepal at Kathmandu. Today there are large numbers of people who possess skill. But they does not get platform to perform it. So here we have introduced an idea to make people self-employed. We have launched a concept of earn money, from online jobs in Nepal.

People who use mobile phones and operates Facebook in mobile phones can do this job. Basic minimum qualification for this job is. People must have idea of operating Facebook account and basic internet.
We do provide jobs like clicking on advertisement, article writing, posting of video in website, posting of songs, posting of YouTube video and many more.

Online Jobs In Nepal
Online Jobs In Nepal

For doing this job we provide basic training course to the candidates. The minimum thing to get operated in such job is that. The candidate has to visit our office to have membership in our organization.
We run NGO i.e. Non Government Organization. Name Youth Empowerment Nepal. The basic aim of our organization is to give Information Technology (I.T.) Training to the candidate. And make him/her self-employed through our mission, Earn money from online jobs in Nepal.

It is a high time for the youths in Nepal. To get operated in international market and earn money. There are no age barriers to get participated in this campaign.

The money earned from this job is in Dollar form. It is our responsibility to get converted those dollar money in Nepalese Currency. Dollar which you earn will get deposited automatically in your account. You can cash this dollar any time you want. We will assist you to get the money paid. Our organization guarantees the payment of money to its student whole life.
There is no miracle or misguiding information given in training regarding providing of job and making qualified to earn money. We do provide training unless the students get satisfied. And starts earning from internet. If anyone wants to get the verification on the above mentioned fact, can make a call to us or he/she can have a visit to our institution for verification and confirmation.
Our organization work through Gautam Company to provides such training. Training is provided until the student does not start to earn money. People who are getting connected to us are ranked from engineers to a very common man who even had not passed SLC exam.
Our job is completely dependent on the products of Google. Our members do large number of research on google and other products. The money you will earn depends on the different task of google and other related websites. We guarantee on written basis that there is no limit for the money you can earn. We do have some people who are satisfied from our service and started earnings. You can watch the below video for justification of our commitment that earn money from online jobs in Nepal.

Online Jobs In Nepal

For further inquiry you can connect us below :-
Gautam Company.
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Contact no :- 01-4242911, 01-4233626.
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